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Nike, Dr. Martens USA, Nordstrom, Teen People, Bad Boy Records,YM Magazine, KATU (ABC), PDX-TV, KPTV (FOX), The Gap, Tommy Hilfiger, Next Level Nutrition & Fitness, Shari's Resturants

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This Website was created by Flux Live to showcase the experience and abilities of Jeremiah Stroup. Site is maintained by the FLUX team and updated often with news, photos, videos and special events.

I have partnered with YM magazine, Teen People Magazine and Bad Boy Entertainment as sponsors and participants in my events. My contacts at these organizations have been impressed with Jeremiah and his skills highlighted at our events as well. Sydney HaighNORDSTROM

Jeremiah’s on air presence is a cut above as is his sense of humor. Tom FullerNBC Affiliate

On camera and in person, Jeremiah exudes energy and confidence. He’s also enthusiastic and upbeat. Jeremiah is highly motivated and I am certain is destined to succeed…Frank MungeamABC Affiliate



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