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Find the favorite products that fuel Jeremiah Stroup and discover the brands that give him the edge. Shop Flux will help you change the way you shop so you can spend more time doing what really matters. The Flux Shop is always changing so log on today to see the latest products, services and partner stores.


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The Perfect Pack provides the high-powered multi DOUBLE X®, the phytonutrient power of Concentrated Fruits and Vegetables, and omega 3s from OCEAN ESSENTIALS® Balanced Health, all in one convenient package. When I can’t or don’t eat everything I should, I reach for the nutritional support of the Perfect Pack.

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Working in media means good skin is important to me. Tolsom Skin Care for Men is the only skin care line designed specifically for men with the exclusive T-10 Complex. It's proven to deliver high-performance results I really notice, reducing fine lines and improving skin smoothness and clarity in just four weeks.

Follow your nose to a better clean. LEGACY OF CLEAN™ laundry and cleaning products handle even the messiest jobs without leaving harsh chemicals, noxious fumes, or harmful residue behind. If you love a clean fresh home and the planet you'll love this product line I know I do.

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